In most cases to your door, minimum order 100 sq. ft., 
4 - 6 weeks lead time may be required.
(In peak season Summer & Fall , 2 months lead time)

Cut River Rock

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      Price of stone veneer from Cut River Rock is not expensive nor is it cheap.  Within the industry of stone installation depending on what type of stone is installed the price can range exorbitantly  and can be well worth the money when you consider the time it takes,  for example, for a full uncut  stone fireplace up through a log home.  The time it would take would be a half a summer for a stone mason and helper and then the joint can't be as close as stone veneer and not as clean a job.
    Another example on the other end of the spectrum, this summer on Sylvan Lake, Alberta a beach front property valued at 1/2 million dollars and another half a million in the cottage the decision came down to saving $3,800.00 on a four hundred foot job in which artificial stone won out at a cost of $17.00 per square foot. 
One of the big cost of installation  is the distance from one location to another.  It becomes very apparent and obvious  that it is not economical to travel 1000 miles to deliver and install 100 feet (minimum) of stone behind a stove.  So, now you are thinking my project is doomed and have to settle for lick and stick, not so. Small jobs are coupled up with other jobs when we are in the area, and cannot be specific on the time.  To keep up to date please check with our website as we frequently add new information and new stone veneer products.
  Reservations early.                                        

  All our work is fully guaranteed to last a life time.   Cut River Rock stone veneer and Cut Quarry Stone Veneer beauty will be enhanced over time . The exterior jointing will blend with the stone over time. Other than  the occasional washing which you should never have to do (as the rain should do that) you will have the stone work to last a life time.

  You not only can get a small job done but you can visit us on the job site and see our professional work first hand and make an appointment to have work done sometimes at the same time.


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