Then where do we obtain these stones?

        The river rock that we use is of glacial drift.  Millions of years ago great ice fields of the ice age deposited huge bands of sand, gravel and stone. Cut River Rock is meticulously hand picked,off the belt from our huge sorter, the rest like a 1000 to one go to the waste pile.  Next our stone men sort them again and the stone are hand fed into the mill where the skilled sawyers angles them just right to obtain the best possible face for a perfect  building stone, so that when it is installed you can't tell that it is only the face of the it is impossible to tell..... that it is only the face of the stone and that the 6 or 8 inches of bulk stone is not there.   Once through the mill they are exposed to our quality control stone man who culls them for broken and inferior stones then places tightly fitted together to insure accurate measurement.  Finally, up the belt they reach the stone packer and are neatly packed in the crates so as to protect them in shipping. Very few stones are worthy of the tedious time and care involved. 

Eastern Multi-Colours
This is a popular choice stone, rangeing from snow white, pale pine, off green, light and dark brown occasionally brick red, grays with white strip throught them and so on.

Old Homestead
     Consist of many shades of gray to black, is the easiest way to describe this sandstone and slate river rock.   Is that it has a distinguished characeristic that would be accomplished by an old homesteader farmer who went out back in the field and used all the handy sandstone and slate fieldstone river rock type he could find.
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