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Our quarry of earthtone stone veneer is of a type of fine grain granite that requires special diamond blades to cut it.  This quarry has stone that is naturally broken clean lines and has worn very little making it ideal for that stone fireplace or exterior walk out.
  Earthtone stone veneer colour is like the name implies, brown to almost black fading in places to almost white, pale brown in other places.  Sometimes a complete stone will be almost consistent brown or dark brown to almost light in colour.

        Size varys from about 5 x 5  inches in diameter, to 14 inches in length by a maximum of 12 inches in width.  This stone veneer is in irregular shapes often straight angles.  the thickness will vary from approximately 1 inch thick to approximately 2 inches thick.

        Packed in a wire crate from 50 feet to 100 feet and 120 sq feet per crate.   Corners stones are cut at 90 degree angles and are of the same earthtone colours in size 4 inches length and width to a maximum of 8 inches in length and width.  Corner stones veneer is measured by  lineal feet and can be ordered in the acquired amount of lineal feet needed with an order.