Hand tooled stone veneer of a century ago or so is now available to you.
According to Dr. A. Rutinburg's geological survey of the Charlotte Co. area in 1967 of the fifty-one historic granite quarries in a span of some twenty miles there was 80% waste in the granite quarries.

With our exquisite machine that grasps a  chunk of this ugly waste granite and slices off a nice workable face of granite stone veneer.  Many of the new puzzle pieces will show chisel marks and occasionally  half drill holes of a century and a half ago.

The entrance to your home or while you sit in your favourite chair and watch the flames of your fireplace flicker across this exotic stone veneer giving glimpse of the past.  While entertaining your guests who cattily pick out the distinctive marks you will have the option of explaning that this is a stone  veneer , a slice  3/4 " to 2 inches taken off a historic granite wedge from and old stone quarry to explain that those granite blocks are only 1 inch or so thick and is stone veneer.  That this fireplace cost you only a fraction of the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to make a full block granite fireplace, only you and I will know the difference unless you tell them.  As far as the question  is it fake stone ?  That topic would never arise.

picture of white/grey quarry drill marks
Picture of a red quarry with drill marks
Not only do we have historic quarry stone veneer that vary is shades of red to salmon pink, grey-white to black quarry stone and snowflake black quarry stone, we also have an earthtone quarry stone, a blue limestone, a grey sand stone in the recent developed quarries.  The earth tone  stone veneer, blue lime stone veneer and the grey sand stone do not have the historic half drill mark and chisel marks because it is not practical to process stone veneer in this manner in modern times.  On the other hand , if  the drill marks offend you on your fireplace or home exterior we can certainly eliminate them from your project.

The access to many types and colours of quarry stone gives you a choice of colour to more adequately accommodiate your preference.  Although  the sheer size of some of theses blocks of quarry stone are over whelming,  for stone veneer, our mill is designed for the adequate comfortable size of quarry stone veneer.  Choice pieces of six to fourteen inches chunks of quarry stone are inserted into our mill and angled just right to produce a slice of irregular angled shape of stone veneer that is from 6 to 14 inches long and 6 to 12 inches wide.  When Mark and I install this stone veneer, we occasionally need smaller pieces to perfect the more pleasing look, we will cut them on site with hammer and chisel if we can't find the preferred piece.

 Drill marks on  Antique Grey/White Granite Quarry Stone Veneer

Drill marks on Antique Red  GraniteQuarry Stone  Veneer
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If these drill marks offend you they can be eliminated from your order.
What is it?

Imagine over a century ago hammering on a drill hour after hour while turning the drill in between each hammer stroke a quarter of a turn in order to drill a hole in granite, a series of these holes about 4 inches apart then inserting feathers and wedges, then  tapping each wedge in rotation until finally a crack appears then breaks off at the wrong place.  Total waste.

Parts and accessories of days gone by.
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